Institute of Consciousness Studies and Transpersonal Psychology

The Institute of Consciousness Studies and Transpersonal Psychology is a learning institute that was founded by Raul Valverde PhD (Psychology). Our mission is to advance hollistic learning and explore the new frontiers of consciousness research.

We offer innovate programs which will allow students to grow in the fields of Metaphysics and naturopathic sciences.

Naturotherapist in Applied Metaphysics

The Applied Metaphysics program primary path leads to a variety of specializations and is excellent for students who desire do training or speaking, conduct life-coaching, spiritual coaching, meditation practitioner and metaphysical minister. It focuses on helping clients achieve goals and overcome personal and spiritual challenges.

The program is accredited by the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry (CIMM) (

Graduates of this program can apply for an ordained minister license with CIMM and will be allowed to perform wedding ceremonies in several provinces in Canada and be registered as ministers of religion.

Students will learn techniques for both counseling and coaching modalities so that they may be better equipped to address a variety of client needs. Possible career paths include (with National Occupational Classification (NOC) codes):

·         Ministers of Religion in Metaphysics (NOC 4154)

·         Spiritual and/or pastoral counselors (NOC 4154)

·         Relationship counsellors (NOC 4153)

·         Practitioners of natural healing in Yoga, relaxation, meditation and life coaching therapy (NOC 3232)

·         Metaphysical authors, speakers, workshop leaders, and teachers

·         Consciousness and existence researchers

Naturotherapist in Holistic Psychology

The area of ​​Holistic Psychology is an approach between mind, body and spirit, which includes all those techniques and methods that deal with these three concepts. Holistic Psychology encompasses techniques such as Bach flowers, altered states of consciousness, neurofeedback, mindfulness, hypnosis, NLP and transpersonal psychology, among others. All of them have the objective of knowing in depth the human being as a whole. The program covers the mindfulness technique as a basis for the resolution of conflicts that a person presents from the full and conscious attention of the present moment, the neurolinguistic programming technique and its contribution to Holistic Psychology, Hypnosis as a therapeutic technique, Transpersonal Psychology and Jungian Psychoanalysis as a whole person psychology, Executive Coaching and its principles and highlights the influence of other techniques within Holistic Psychology such as Vibrational Therapy, Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, Bach Flowers among others.

 Possible career paths for this path include (with National Occupational Classification (NOC) codes):

·         Practitioners of natural healing in Biofeedback and Neurofeedback, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Transpersonal and Jungian Psychoanalysis Therapy (NOC 3232)

·         Naturopath for Neuro Health Practitioner (NOC 3125)

·         Relationship counsellors (NOC 4153)

·         Executive Coach

The naturotherapist programs in Transpersonal Psychology and Applied Metaphysics are accredited by the International Metaphysical Practitioners Association that accredits quality organizations that teach metaphysically-related topics that fit into the broad metaphysics field including, but not limited to, general metaphysics, Metaphysical Science, Reiki and other holistic and energy healing modalities, aromatherapy, hypnosis, homeopathy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and life coaching.

Naturotherapist in Applied Metaphysics

Metaphysics 50 hrs

Divine Metaphysics 100 hrs

Comparative Religions 50 hrs

Psychology and consciousness 50 hrs

Parapsychology 50 hrs

Modern Revelations 100 hrs

Gnostic Studies 50 hrs

Pastoral care and Spiritual Counseling 100 hrs

Yoga 100 hrs                                                                                                                                                                      

Quantum Physics and Consciousness 50 hrs

Near death studies for grief counseling and existential therapy 50 hrs

Total 750 hrs (450 hrs of online work and 300 hrs of face to face coursework)

Naturotherapist in Holistic Psychology

Psychology and Consciousness 50 hrs

Parapsychology 50 hrs

Quantum Physics and Consciousness: 50 hrs

Altered State of Consciousness and Healing therapies 100 hrs

Vibrational Healing with Technology 50 hrs

Transpersonal and humanistic psychology: 100 hrs

Transpersonal Finance 50 hrs

Near death studies for grief counseling and existential therapy 50 hrs

Psychiatric Naturopathy 50 hrs

Biofeedback and Neuro feedback 100 hrs

Jungian Psychoanalysis with Therapeutic Tarot 50 hr

Executive Coaching 50 hrs

Total 750 hrs (450 hrs of online work and 300 hrs of face to face contact)


Raul Valverde                                                                                                                                                                      

PhD, Psychology, Transpersonal Psychology, UNEM

DBA, University of Southern Queensland

MEng, Electrical Engineering, Concordia University

Naturopath, L’Association des Naturopathes Professionnels du Québec.

Member, Canadian Psychology Association

Ordained Minister, Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry

Ordained Minister, Spiritual Science Fellowship of Canada

Robert Reimondi,

MA, Applied Clinical Psychology, State University of New York College at Plattsburgh

BA, Psychology. Ithaca College, Ithaca, New York.                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Member, Vermont Psychological Association                                                                                                                 

Member, Association for Transpersonal Psychology   

Helena Luciani Basso

MSc, Consciousness and Transpersonal Studies, Ballsbridge University                                                                         

BA, Psychology, University of Waterloo

Wedding Official, Clergy Support Memorial Church

Mindfulness Practitioner, The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology

Reiki Master, Canadian Reiki Association

Bahha Darghman

Master of Teaching Mathematics, Concordia University                                                                                 

Naturotherapist, Association des Naturotherapeutes du Quebec

Registered Healer, International Natural Healers Association

Registered Teacher, Canadian Reiki Association

Elliot Gordon                                                                                                                                                                      

Licensed Minister, Spiritual Science Fellowship of Canada

Courses: Descriptions


Basics of principles of metaphysical and spiritual truth. The course introduces the power of the prayer, intuition and divine guidance. Metaphysical thought for problem solving. God or Universal Mind and Man’s unity with Good. Right thinking as a way to create a reality of a harmonious life. Creative mind and man’s power. The objective of existence and how to correct evil. Natural law and how it works, the correct application of spiritual laws and how they can lead to success on every plane. Meditation Exercises. Mindfulness exercises for positive thinking.

Divine Metaphysics

This course attempts to unfold the real self to the student in order to connect the individual with the Universal Life and Power, enabling the person to manifest that power in his or her own life. The course introduces the concepts of the kingdom within, right thinking, meditation, living in the present time, emotional control, law of non-resistance, law of giving, faith, love, mission in life, how to reach peace, health and happiness, metaphysics of success, Christ consciousness, wisdom and reaching perfection. Spiritual and energy healing and breathwork for purification and energizing the body. Meditation with affirmations for subconscious programming. Different modalities of meditation. Advanced mindfulness exercises.

Comparative Religions

This course offers a history of religion from the earliest known periods up to Christianity. The course offers comparisons of various belief systems. The subject is treated from a broad-minded point of view in an effort to look for the basic truth upon which each religion was founded and to note the similarities and differences among them. An understanding of the older religions offers the student a better comprehension of Modern Thought. Knowledge of religious history helps the student gain consciousness of the Universality of all Truth. Understanding of other religious beliefs fosters a better understanding of other individuals, nations and races. It prepares the Ordained Minister to go forth as an educated minister in this age providing the knowledge needed when speaking with people from various religions.

Psychology and consciousness:

Structures of the brain. Neurons and neurotransmitters: their functions and classes. Biofeedback. Brain activity. Consciousness theories: Neurotechnical theory, Quantum theory, Skeptical theory. Psychology as a tool for personal growth. The personality. Motivation and their classes. The structure of the personality and the states of the self. The body dimensions. Energy coding. The Chakras. Affection. Effective levels. Emotional maturity. Cognitive processes. The construction of reality. Images and fantasies. Creativity. Human behavior. The vital fluency. Introduction to Energy Healing.


This course is for the person that wants to have an overview of the psych phenomena, evidence of its existence and how to develop it. It explores life and death issues including near-death experiences, reincarnation, evidence for consciousness remaining coherent after death, the role of belief in paranormal phenomena, remote viewing, psychokinesis (PK), Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP), akashic records, telepathy, empathic ability, mediumship, all the “clairs” (clairvoyance, clairaudience, etc.)  and more. You will use meditation and visualization exercises to develop or enhance your own intuitive and psychic abilities with audios. This course will also introduce the use of Electronic Voice Phenomena software for spiritual communications. The course includes free software and will demonstrate how you can create spiritual communications sessions with your own computer.

Pastoral care and Spiritual Counseling

This module covers numerous aspects of pastoral care for the Ordained Minister, including a Spiritual approach to counselling, and pastoral care. Transpersonal counselling. Transpersonal intuitive counselling exercises.

Modern Revelations

In recent times, several modern revelations have been released in order to help humanity to have a better understanding of consciousness, evolution, spirituality, God and the Universe. The course examines three revelations: The Urantia Book, Book of Miracles and the Aquarium Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Urantia book is a spiritual and philosophical revelation from the spiritual world that aims to unite religion, science and philosophy. The book of miracles was written, or “scribed,” by Helen Schucman, who claimed that it had been dictated to her word for word via “inner dictation” which came from Jesus, the course contains a curriculum to bring about what it calls a spiritual transformation. The aquarium gospel of Jesus Christ is a book by Levi H. Dowling that transcribed the text of the book from the akashic records of Jesus Christ, the gospel is a purported compendium of mystical knowledge encoded in a non-physical plane of existence.

Gnostic Studies

Gnosticism teaches you to reach the divine by knowledge and not by dogmas. Gnosticism teaches that a fraction of divine is within and this can help man to resist and overcome evil. Gnosticism teaches that eternal life is obtained through knowledge of the Divine that is within. This course explores the gospels of Mary Magdalene, Judas and St Thomas and links them to the metaphysical aspect of Christianity.

Quantum Physics and Consciousness:

This course explores quantum theory, the human mind and consciousness, and includes quantum physics principles, non-locality of the mind, quantum entanglement, the uncertainty principle, causality and synchronicity, quantum mysticism, holographic universe, and global and super consciousness. Upon completion, you will have a much better understanding on how quantum physics can help to explain the human mind, consciousness, and the nature of reality.

Altered State of Consciousness and Healing therapies

Altered states of consciousness cover transpersonal experiences that involve an expansion of consciousness beyond the limits of time and space. Altered states of consciousness allow us to answer the questions of who we really are and why we are here. Topics include: Shamanism: Its spirituality and intuitions. Channeling. Hypnosis: Meaning and utility. Hypnotic regression. Altered states of consciousness at the time of death. Special emphasis will be given to Holotropic therapy. Holotropic therapy has been practiced by psychologists as a way to produce an altered state of consciousness without drugs, it is a simple yet powerful technique based on combined insights from modern consciousness research, depth psychology and perennial spiritual practices and activates non-ordinary states of consciousness which mobilize the spontaneous healing potential of the psyche. Pranayama Breathing techniques are given for altered states, and many other benefits. Exercises for the different covered modalities,

Vibrational Healing with technology

Stress, anxiety and attention deficit disorders have been associated with the lack of synchronization of the brain hemispheres. For decades, binaural frequency sound beats have been used to synchronize the brain hemispheres. Isochronic frequency sounds are similar to binaural but do not require the use of earphones. Discover how the use of binaural beats and isochronic sounds for the reduction of anxiety and stress, and to improve learning ability.  Cranial electrical stimulation frequency with the use of software and crystal-based systems are also demonstrated. Rife frequencies for healing are also introduced for depression, anxiety and other conditions.

Transpersonal and humanistic psychology:

The individual consciousness and the universal consciousness. Intuition. Depression concept. Neuroses in the context of the new psychology. The essential values. Psychoses in the context of perennial psychology. Transpersonal therapy of depressions. Antidepressant Philosophy From humanistic to transpersonal psychology. The spectrum of consciousness and the Atman project, according to Ken Wilber. Specific topics include:  The nature of reality, the dawn of a new paradigm, dimensions of the human psyche, cartography of the interior space, the world of transpersonal therapy, towards the integration of approaches the architecture of emotional disorders, dilemmas and controversies of traditional psychiatry, new criteria about the therapeutic process, new perspectives in transpersonal therapy and self-exploration, the global crisis in the present and the future of the evolution of consciousness. Principles of intuitive counselling for transpersonal therapy. Intuitive Transpersonal Counselling exercises and on hands training in Transpersonal Therapy.

Transpersonal Finance

This course will investigate the transpersonal meaning of money, and how to attract it by using universal law and intuition. The course covers: Universal law, material success, concentration and affirmation exercises for development of a powerful mind, the metaphysical truth about money, the money consciousness and the right use of wealth. Introduction to NLP, time management and leadership.

Near death studies for grief counseling and existential therapy

Near death studies shows that Irrespective of religious background and belief systems, consciousness survives after death. The course covers: Consciousness and survival hypothesis, blending the scientific and spiritual approach, near-death experiences and related phenomena and shared death experiences. The course covers videos and interviews with leaders in the field including Dr. Raymond Moody. Near death experiences for grief counseling and existential therapy with hands on exercises.

Psychiatric Naturopathy

Natural products to help to deal with depression, anxiety and ADHD.  Psychiatric Naturopathy for Psycho oncological and Alzheimer treatments. Bach flowers to help people who have suffered psychological disorders and emotional discomfort.

Biofeedback and Neuro feedback

Biofeedback is the process by which a person learns to influence involuntary body processes to receive physiological data from an electronic device that continuously monitors certain physiological parameters. It is a way of measuring the response to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual stresses of life. Bodies under high stress are more prone to physical discomfort and even illness. The course introduces many types of biofeedback: GSR, EMG, Neurofeedback with EEG. The course includes a hands-on workshop to demonstrate the use of these devices for treating a variety of medical and psychological disorders. The course introduces many types of biofeedback: GSR, EMG, Neurofeedback with EEG. The course includes a hands-on workshop to demonstrate the use of these devices for treating a variety of medical and psychological disorders. The course teaches individuals how to use biofeedback response to make healthy adjustments to reduce stress and tension.

Jungian Psychoanalysis with Therapeutic Tarot

The life and work of Carl Jung, psychiatrist, psychologist is analyzed in depth. According to the hypothesis of the archetypes of Carl Jung, the tarot is a part of the collective unconscious, in which we can find patterns; Through tarot, the unconscious can be revealed and individualized, develop the Self. The archetypes are part of the psychic legacy, they are the patterns and roles accepted and performed by society unconsciously. The tarot introduces you to the archetypes that influence your life. Only by knowing your archetypes can you know yourself, overcome your complexes and avoid falling into neurosis. In the course all the elements are presented to get to know the archetypes, their implications in daily life, and the therapeutic runs; with clear examples, under the premise that the “future cannot be guessed”, but is projected from what you have inside you. The help of Tarot, the therapist can help many people find their way. Psychoanalysis of Jung and Freud. Tarot for psychoanalysis.

Executive Coaching.

In this course you will train in executive coaching. This consists of an individualized relationship between an executive and a coach, in order to achieve a change in their behavior and transform their quality of personal and professional life. The course also covers work motivation techniques including emotional intelligence with the objective to achieve improved performance and results, thanks to the fact that workers find greater personal satisfaction. Neuro Linguistic Programming for transpersonal coaching. Study the forms and ethics counselling. Methods of evaluation, interviews and maintaining records for the customers.


Yoga is an ancient system that addresses all aspects of life and supports total self-realization. Explore yogic philosophy and principles, including several hatha yoga postures.